Aug 1
What Is The Future Of The Fine Arts Globally?
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The fine arts, from drawing and painting to sculpture and mosaic, have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. The creation and distribution of art keeps evolving right along with civilization. While the dawn of the Internet has in some respects made it difficult to sell art because people have so much access to so many pictures online, it has also widened the scope of potential buyers. Hence, an artist in Italy can sell to an appreciator in America who might never have Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 20
Recovering The Lost Art Of Fine Art
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Today’s homeowners are typically bargain hunters, and this can leave little room for fine art. This is a shame because even a few short decades ago, fine arts were a way to make a home more welcoming to guests and more intriguing and interesting to homeowners themselves. Consider fine art a reflection of the homeowner. What they choose to decorate their home with was a reflection of the home’s personality, its atmosphere and environment for the people that dwelled within.

Some people theorize that the ease with which we can cheaply obtain mass-produced art from discount stores and Internet auctions has virtually killed off the interest people have in investing a lot of money in any type of fine art collection, even a small one. It could also be argued, though, that the Internet has spawned another market: One for fine art at bargain prices, due to the competitive atmosphere of the Internet. You can be a fine art owner AND a bargain hunter.

When you take on both of those titles, you open your home ownership up to brand new value. You can place sculptures, wall decor, and other fine art possessions throughout your home during the many years of your ownership. Many people falsely assume that everything on earth has to be done all at once. This all or nothing attitude keeps a lot of people from taking the plunge and amassing a fine art collection. Don’t let this attitude keep your family from enjoying the finer things, even if you have to amass the collection slowly over time. Here are a few more ways that you can commit to a fine art collection without breaking your bank.

1. Diligently surf auction sites: You can find some great fine art pieces on auction sites. There are people that have a piece of fine art and have no idea what it’s worth, so they let the buyers decide through competition. You can land priceless fine art pieces this way. Many people have purchased a very valuable piece of art during an online auction, only to realize later that it was worth thousands or millions.

2. Go to garage sales: Once again, you can find a diamond in the rough when you bargain hunt.

3. Savings: If you have a savings, you can commit a certain amount each year to a fine art collection. This means you can do this slowly. Don’t put your home or family last, but a small amount of money each year can be saved toward what could eventually be a beautiful fine art collection.

4. Be smart about home insurance: Getting a reliable homeowners insurance policy can not only save you money, but can protect your assets as well. Use comparison sites like to decided what homeowners insurance coverage is right for you.

Jul 17
How The Fine Arts Have Changed Around The Globe
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Fine art has a vast spectrum of styles, mediums and subject matter. Yet, while some of the physical attributes such as color scheme and approach are more varied in selection, the methods used for achieving balance and movement within a work, have remained steadfast. Every artist has their own style that is incorporated into the work they do. Take Paul Wright for instance. Paul, a native of the UK, has work that much reflects that of the early impressionists. He works Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 4
Have The Fine Arts Changed Due To Computer Usage?
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The Fine Arts have definitely changed due to computer usage. Where at one time you could only create or replicate a painting by using actual paint, in today’s digital world you can create almost the same piece by using creative software packages and graphic design. While it may not have the same exact texture, the software is so advanced today that unless you actually touch the art, you probably couldn’t tell the difference by appearance alone.

While it is possible to create, or recreate, or perfect a work of art digitally, Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 21
Is The World Still Interested In The Fine Arts?
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Fine art will never go out of style because art makes us think. It may be true that much of art is based on the concept of what art is and it’s value is based on what we believe the work means to society. This is why modern art is so popular, people love the feelings that unusual art provokes in them. Others like art work for the investment they feel that they are making in a piece by purchasing it. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 9
How Fine Arts Have Changed In The Digital Age
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One of the ways that fine arts have drastically changed in the digital age is that a person no longer has to use their hands in order to paint. This allows people who have a great knowledge of art and design and wish to create, but who have problems with coordination or painting on paper, can actually use a mouse or other controller to create wonderful works of art. These works of art can be incredibly detailed since a person does not have to gather the appropriate colors, and can use various programs Read the rest of this entry »

May 28
The Mediums Used In The Fine Arts Globally Now
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Whether you are a seasoned artist or just discovering your creative flair, it is important to find a medium (or mediums) that you are comfortable with. If you are experimenting or just want to take a nod from other fine artists, it is helpful to explore the mediums used in the fine arts globally now.

Here is a list that is not complete by any means, considering that artists often use mediums that people would not normally consider. For experimentation purposes, here is a general list:

1. Pastels

2. Oil Paint

3. Acrylic Paint

4. Charcoal

5. Pen Read the rest of this entry »

May 24
Looking At Popular Artists From Around The World Today
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The Contemporary Art scene is forever changing and evolving. New artists are constantly popping up, but, there are a few stable fixtures. British mixed media artist, Damien Hirst, American Sculptor, Kiki Smith, and Venezuelan mixed media artist, Aurturo Herrera have been continually producing exciting bodies of work that are shown all over the world.

Damien Hirst is most well known for his segmented, preserved, animal bodies; such as the shark in formaldehyde, The Physical Impossibility of Read the rest of this entry »

May 20
Art Appreciation In The Modern Age Of Fine Arts
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It can be so difficult to appreciate fine art in an age of modern art. You won’t be able to deal with all the problems of art criticism unless you go from the gamut of classic art to modern art. However, some people have problems when they are dealing with these two different types of art mediums. There are so many art movements, and there are difficult opinions to have to think through when you investigate any one of them. However, looking into every one of them Read the rest of this entry »

May 19
Bringing The World Of Fine Arts Into The Home
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One way to add something special into your home is by bringing fine art into it. The art you are about to display will give you many benefits. The most recognizable advantage it has to offer is the way it will change the look of the room. Fine art is not something you can just go purchase at the local grocery store. This art is uniquely made and is usually an original. It is created by hand Read the rest of this entry »

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